WPWebHost Review

WPWebHost Review

If you are looking for the best web hosting provider to host your WordPress website or blog, WPWebHost is your top choice. Their hosting servers are optimized directly for WordPress. Meaning, if you need assistance with WordPress, they have the knowledge to help you.

WPWebHost has three plans based on the number of monthly visitors you plan on receiving. This means that you will easily be able to pick the plan that will fit your blog or website. Honestly, if you are a blogger, there is the right web hosting solution for you. These guys are experts in WordPress and anything related to blogging.

WordPress Hosting Plans

WPWebHost offers 3 plans to its clients:

Freedom WordPress Hosting PlanFreedom Plan

This plan costs as low as $4.95 per month, depending on how many months in advance you prepay for. The freedom plan is suited for individuals or businesses that plan on having about 1,000 daily visitors on their website or blog. This plan entitles you to 50 GB worth of disk space, 500 GB worth of data transfer, 50 parked and add-on domains. You also have unlimited email accounts, sub domains, and  MySQL databases.

It also gives you a free WordPress CDN Bundle of 50 GB per month.

WPWebHost estimates that this plan is suitable for blogs and small ecommerce businesses with less than 30,000 monthly visitors.

Rockstar VPS WordPress Hosting PlanRockstar Plan

The rockstar plan costs as low as $44.95 per month, again, depending on the length of your purchase. The more months and years you buy, the lower the price. This plan is suitable for websites with about 1,600 daily visitors or less then 50,000 visitors per month. It entitles the user to 50 GB or more of disk space, and 500 GB or more of data transfer. You are also entitled to unlimited add-on, parked, and sub domains, along with unlimited email accounts and databases. Basically, this plan is ran on a virtual private server.

It also gives you a free WordPress CDN Bundle of 200 GB per month. This plan is considered to be their best value when comparing all 3 plans.

VIP Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting PlanVIP Plan

The VIP plan costs users about $199 per month and is suitable for users that plan on having up to 5,000 daily visitors on their website or blog. This plan entitles users to over 500 GB of disk space and 500 GB of data transfer. If you decide to go with this plan, you are entitled to unlimited email accounts, databases, and unlimited add-on, parked, and sub domains.

This plan gives you a free WordPress CDN Bundle of 2,000 GB per month. The VIP plan is ran on your own dedicated server that gives the user complete control over their own server.

Hosting Plan Features

Regardless of the plan you sign up for, each user is entitled to:

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Free Migration Support
  • Web-based email access
  • 1 Click WordPress Installer
  • Free Tutorials, Themes, and Plugins
  • Daily and Weekly Backup
  • SSH Access
  • VaultPress Golden Ticket
  • 99% up time guarantee

Should You Go With WPWebHost?

If you are planning to run a WordPress website or blog, than I strongly recommend that you sign up for WPWebHost. If you are just starting out, than I suggest trying out their freedom plan and upgrade to bigger plans, if needed.

WPWebHost is the best for WordPress, however it also is compatible with Joomla, Drupal, and other scripts.

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