iContact Review

iContact has emerged to be one of the best email marketing service in 2013 due to its incredibly low pricing and outstanding features. It was voted the”#1 Email Provider in 2012.” With 7 plans to choose from, there is something for every business. If you need larger plans, they also give you the option to contact them and request a custom plan for you.

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iContact Email Marketing Scorecard

iContact Email Marketing Scorecard

Primary Features Overview

All plans come with the same features, regardless of which one you decide to go with. The only difference will be the number of subscribers each plan is compatible with.

  • Email Templates: Each plan gives the user over 600 hundred free email templates. You have the ability to customize each template to match your business. Regardless of the template you select, each one is inbox friendly.
  • Message Builder: With this easy tool, you do not need any HTML or coding experience, you simply create beautiful messages using drag and drop tools. 
  • Message Coder: This tool is for all the design and HTML experts out there. This tool gives you the ability to import HTML from your templates or simply create a message from scratch.
  • Email Delivery: All your messages go directly to your clients inbox, every single time. Avoid the hassle of your messages ending up in their spam folder. 
  • Social Media: Go beyond email marketing, publish your messages directly on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Their social media tools track the popularity of your published messages.
  • Contact Management: Easy-to-use tools help keep the relationship between you and your customers, stronger than ever. View a complete list of your previous interactions with your customers and add custom fields for learning more about each of your customers
  • Customer Support: Their award winning customer support experts are ready to help. They also have email marketing help and tips along with advisory services. 

iContact Email Marketing Plans

iContact has 7 plans along with a custom plan for larger businesses with 15,000+ subscribers. Each plan starts with a 30-day free trail. Here is a look at their plans:

  • $10 per month allows you to send unlimited emails to 250 subscribers
  • $14 per month allows you to send unlimited emails to 500 subscribers
  • $19 per month allows you to send unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers
  • $29 per month allows you to send unlimited emails to 2,500 subscribers
  • $47 per month allows you to send unlimited emails to 5,000 subscribers
  • $74 per month allows you to send unlimited emails to 10,000 subscribers
  • $109 per month allows you to send unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers

iContact offers a 15% discount on all annual plans. If you are looking for a plan with over 15,000 subscribers, iContact creates a custom plan for you. All you have to do is contact them.

Email Templates

The good thing about iContact is that you have a huge template selection to choose from. All email templates are fully customizable to give you control over how it looks. Another important fact is that their templates were made to look good in your clients inboxes.

iContact Help and Support

iContact help and support is available Monday through Friday via phone, email, and live chat. They also have a huge resource center with helpful articles and tutorials. Overall, their help and support is customer oriented and they want to have the best customer satisfaction.

iContact Customer Satisfaction (click to enlarge)

iContact Customer Satisfaction (click to enlarge)

Is iContact Right For You?

Because of the features, ease of use, and affordable pricing, iContact is best for smaller subscriber lists. However, if you have a extremely large subscriber list, than this service is probably not for you.

Basically, iContact has everything you need to create and manage successful email marketing campaigns.

Your business and iContact, better together - try iContact for free!

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