FaxNGo: New Online Fax Service

FaxNGo is a new online fax service that offers unlimited incoming faxe pages, 150 outgoing pages, mobile apps and esignatures for $12.90 per month or $99.90 per year. The bottom line: this service has promise, but is currently beset with too many issues to be worthy of consideration.

Things to like about FaxNGo:

  • The service offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android with great user interfaces and e-signing capabilities
  • The online interface is relatively intuitive and very simple to use

Things not to like about FaxNGo:

  • Faxes sent from the iOS app didn’t send (two attempts)
  • No way to send faxes from email (you must send faxes through the online interface or, theoretically, the apps)
  • Only one email address can receive incoming faxes
  • No toll free numbers are available
  • Very limited customer service
  • Very limited information about the service available on the company’s website
  • Can only send PDFs (no jpg, docx, etc)
  • No online address book option
  • Convoluted sign-up process

Unfortunately for now, the cons drastically outweigh the pros. Hopefully ClickMeIn, FaxNGo’s parent company, will continue to invest in the product to make it a worthy challenger to the industry leaders: eFax, RingCentral, Nextiva and HelloFax.

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