BigCommerce Integrates With Stripe

As of July 2013, BigCommerce integrates with Stripe payment gateway. Many of their clients have requested this feature (including myself) and BigCommerce has listened. You can now accept credit card payments without paying monthly gateway fees. Stripe is probably one of the easiest ways to accept credit cards through your online store.

What is Good About Stripe?

Stripe is a free credit card gateway that does not have any monthly fees for using their service. Obviously, they only charge on a per transaction basis as all others do. The advantage of using Stripe is that they only report your earnings to IRS after you have made $20,000 and 200 transactions. Most other gateways report everything to the IRS.

BigCommerce has a simple Stripe setup – simply go under the payments method and turn Stripe. After you have turned Stripe on, it automatically sets itself up with BigCommerce. However, you might need to switch to their updated account dashboard to be able to easily integrate with Stripe. I am not sure that their old dashboard support this kind of integration.

Are you exciting about this new feature that has been added to BigCommerce?

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