Choosing the Right Ecommerce Software

There are tons and tons of options when it comes to choosing the right ecommerce software for your online store. Narrowing these options down to your top 5 choices can make your decision a bit easier.

Things to Look at Before Signing Up

  • Bandwidth limits (majority of the shopping carts have monthly bandwidth limits). If you are expecting to have tons of visitors, pick the plan or shopping cart that has enough bandwidth. Almost all shopping carts that have bandwidth limits will charge you an overage fees. On the other hand, there are also shopping carts that have unlimited bandwidth.
  • Are there any transaction fees associated with the ecommerce platform you are choosing? Transaction fees can eat up your profits.
  • Product limits are an important thing to look at so you can have the ability to list all of your products.
  • If you plan on accepting credit card payments on your store, be sure to see if they have the payment methods that you are looking for.
  • Make sure that the shopping cart can integrate with third-party applications you plan on using.
  • Will you have the ability to add product options for your items such as size, color, etc.

Following the bullets above can narrow your options down to your top 5 shopping carts. These are a good checklist to make sure you are choosing the right ecommerce software.

What Cart Covers Most of These Bullets?

One of the shopping carts that covers all of these bullets above is BigCommerce. They are one of the very few that do not have any bandwidth or transaction fees. With BigCommerce, you get unlimited bandwidth and have the possibility to choose the plan with unlimited products.

Another great shopping cart is Volusion. They do not charge any transaction fees and their more expensive plans give you unlimited product listings. However, they have limited bandwidth and charge you a fee if you go over your monthly limit.

-Be sure to check out our full reviews on BigCommerce or Volusion. Additionally, you can check out our rating on the best shopping carts available.

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