Review is an online shipping software solution. The company allows you to print postage on domestic & international envelopes and packages right from your computer. In addition to custom postage printing, there are some other valuable benefits to the shipping software:

  • Discounts available on most types of postage 
  • Detailed cost reporting tools
  • Custom postage and labels have a professional look
  • And much more – check under “Features” below

Continue reading our review to see if it is right for you and how it will end up saving you money on your postage.

Visit and start a 4-week no risk free-trail.

How Do I Like The Service?

My experience with is nothing but satisfying. From the moment I signed up for their free trail, I was simply amazed by the service.

The signup process is very straight forward, you provide your basic information along with a credit card – you will not be charged unless you keep the service after the 4-week free trail. The introductory offer allows you to receive a FREE digital scale that you can directly connect to your computer via USB, allowing you to print the correct postage on every package (all you pay is a small shipping fee for the scale). Review - Actual Software (click to enlarge) Review – Actual Software (click to enlarge)

Once you setup your account, you have the option to download the desktop software. You can also print postage through your account on their official website. However, I feel that the software is better due to the fact that its much more quicker and easier to use.

The shipping process is fairly simply, you enter the destination address, enter the package/envelope weight (or let the scale do the work), choose the shipping method, and hit print. Once the label prints out (can be on regular paper), you attach the label to your package and you have some options after that. You have the ability to drop your package of at your local postal office, drop it off in your mailbox, or schedule a free USPS pickup. The convenience itself is worth the cost of this service.

Overall, I find the service to be very good for my online business.

How Much Does Cost?

What do I have to pay for this great convenience?

The service costs $15.99/month after the free trail period ends, although the postage discounts pay for themselves. Each new member will also receive a $80 package deal that includes $25 in postage coupons, $5 supplies kit, and a free $50 dollar scale. Postage discounts include (these discounts are compared to your local USPS office):

  • Save up to 63% on all USPS Express Mail
  • Save up to 20% on all USPS Priority Mail
  • Save up to 18% on all USPS First Class Mail
  • Save up to 40% on all USPS shipping insurance

You also save between 9-10% on all international USPS mail.

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Is It Worth The Cost?

Depending on the volume you are mailing, the software will or won’t be worth the cost. If you are mailing a large volume, the discounts alone are worth the cost. The convenience to print postage from home and avoid trips to the postal office, are worth every penny you pay for the software, The ability to track all your packages all in one place is also a benefit for the software, compared to individually tracking each package through the postal office website. If you are running a business that requires any mailing, this is a must have software for you.

On the other hand, if you are mailing a little or no packages on a monthly basis, the software might be costly for you.

Primary Features Overview has a bunch of other important features that might be of interest to you. These features include:

  • Free supplies – your postal office will also supply free flat and priority rate boxes (but ordering through will save you a trip to the postal office)
  • Free USPS package pickup
  • Domestic & International Discounts (as stated under “Cost”)
  • Electronic forms (including certified mail, return receipts, or custom forms)
  • Professional feel and look
  • Automatic address verification (corrects any mistakes in the address)
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word and Quickbooks
  • Integrates with PayPal, eBay, Etsy, Amazon. Yahoo, Google Checkout and custom shopping carts
  • Ability to print domestic & international stamps and postage
  • SCAN forms (assigns any amount of packages to one SCAN number)
  • The ability to hide postage
  • And more (visit for a full list) Review – Conclusion

The service has associated costs that come with the software, however the features and the savings prove that the service can be worthwhile for anyone. People that are running an online business or mailing packages all over the world can benefit greatly with

Be sure to take advantage of the $80 special offer and start a risk-free 4-week trail today.

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