Shopping Carts With Unlimited Bandwidth

Let’s face it, we all like to know that our shopping cart has unlimited bandwidth when creating our online store. Believe it or not, but every store has high potential to grow over the years. When your store grows, you get more traffic and with higher traffic comes higher bandwidth usage. Now if your shopping cart has monthly bandwidth limits, you will probably end up upgrading your plan to avoid any bandwidth overages.

Instead of worrying about upgrading, why not just go with one of the shopping carts with unlimited bandwidth. Do not get my wrong, the list for shopping carts with unlimited bandwidth is really short, if you are actually looking at decent carts.
 photo BigCommercePlans_zps06c2a290.png Shopping Carts with Unlimited Bandwidth

The five shopping carts below all have unlimited bandwidth on their cheapest plans.

  1. BigCommerce – All plans have been upgraded to unlimited bandwidth
  2. Shopify – Each plan is equipped with unlimited bandwidth
  3. 1ShoppingCart – All plans include unlimited bandwidth
  4. Fortune3 – Unlimited bandwidth included with all plans
  5. Highwire – All plans include unlimited bandwidth and huge product limits

There might be other shopping carts with unlimited bandwidth, however, these five are the only ones worth mentioning.

What is the Best Shopping Cart with Unlimited Bandwidth

BigCommerce is the overall best shopping cart in 2013. However, Shopify is gaining momentum and tailing its rear. Shopify would be the best if it removed transaction fees for its lower priced plans.

Shopping Carts with Limited Monthly Bandwidth

There isn’t anything wrong with shopping carts with limited bandwidth. You just have to pay close attention to your monthly bandwidth limits. However, you cannot control your bandwidth due to the fact that you do not know how much traffic you will be receiving. Please note that this list is based on the cheapest/lowest plan with each shopping cart, some of these might have unlimited bandwidth with higher priced plans.


Magento Go
Quick Shopping Cart
Pinnacle Cart (Hosted)

Monthly Bandwidth

1 GB
2 GB
1 GB
2 GB
4 GB
150 GB
1 GB

Bandwidth Overage FeesĀ 

$7 per GB
$5 per GB
$9 per GB
$4 to $6 per GB
$10 per GB
$.20 cents per GB
$3.50 per GB

As mentioned before, these are the monthly bandwidth limits for their lowest or cheapest shopping cart plans. Some of these shopping carts might waive the bandwidth limit, if you go with a more expensive plan.

What is the Best Shopping Cart with Limited Bandwidth

Debate it however you want, but the best shopping cart with limited bandwidth goes to Volusion. With Volusion, you have no transaction fees to worry about and you pay a decent rate of $7 for every GB you go over your bandwidth limit.

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