PayJunction vs Authorize.Net

Without a doubt, PayJunction vs Authorize.Net is among the top searches when it comes to choosing the right service to start accepting credit card payments. Not only that, PayJunction and Authorize.Net are the top payment gateways in the industry and have built an amazing track record.

Regardless of what type of business you are running, you will need to have several different payment options to easily accommodate all customers. Do not get me wrong, Google Wallet and PayPal are good payment options, but not everyone is comfortable using those services.

PayJunction Price (click to enlarge)

PayJunction Price (click to enlarge)

PayJunction vs Authorize.Net – Which Payment Gateway is Better?

Debate it however you want, PayJunction is the better overall service. I have been lucky enough to use both services for my business and PayJunction easily out performs Authorize.Net.

  • PayJunction – The better solution due to its simplicity and more advanced features. There are no setup fees or monthly gateways fees (if you make over $10,000 per month, otherwise it is $35 per month). Recurring billing is included with the gateway and does not cost anything extra to use. See our complete PayJunction Review.
  • Authorize.Net – The most popular gateway but it ends up being more expensive. You are charged a one time fee of $99 to set up the gateway. Every month, you will be charged $17.95 to use the service. Recurring billing is optional and costs an extra $10 per month. See our complete Authorize.Net Review.

Price Comparison [Winner: PayJunction]


Monthly Fee:
Setup Fee:
Transaction Fees:
Batch Fee:
Merchant Account Fee:
Recurring Billing Fee:


$35 if under $10K/mo
2.55% + $0.10


2.19% + $0.35
$0.25 per settlement
$9.95 per month
$10 per month

At the end of the day, PayJunction will end up costing you a bit less as you have the possibility to waive the monthly service fees. Recurring billing is included with PayJunction, while Authorize.Net charges an extra $10 per month. Therefore, if you choose to have the same features as PayJunction does, Authorize.Net will end up costing you over $40 per month for the service alone.

Features Comparison [Winner: PayJunction]

Both providers have some of the best features in the industry. However, PayJunction goes above and beyond by providing you with a better control panel and the ability to recharge your customers without entering any credit card information. PJ gives you the option to hold authorized funds until you are ready to capture them and you have more control over the customization of your customer groups.

Here is a look at some features that both services provide:

  • Recurring billing (additional fee with Authorize.Net)
  • Mobile payments
  • Fraud prevention
  • Accept major credit cards and checks
  • Online account access
  • Quick settlement deposits into your bank account
  • Supportive and knowledgeable customer service
  • Full integration with some of the popular shopping carts
PayJunction Dashboard (click to enlarge)

PayJunction Dashboard (click to enlarge)

Conclusion – Still Not Sure?

Regardless of which payment gateway you end up going with, you will see an increase in your conversion and sales rates. We prefer PayJunction due to the fact that it has an easy to use account dashboard, more advanced features, and better overall pricing.

Do you have any experience with one of these payment gateways? Feel free to leave a comment below so we can hear all about it.

  • PayJunction Website
  • Authorize.Net Website
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