MyFax Review

MyFax Review: Overview

MyFax has simplified the way we send and receive online faxes. They make it easy to send faxes from practically anywhere. When it comes to faxing services, it is a good idea to learn a bit more about what they have to offer. They are owned and operated by j2 Global and MyFax has built a very decent client base over the past years; making it one of the top online fax services. In this MyFax review, we give you a closer in-depth look at their faxing service.

MyFax Online Fax Scorecard

MyFax Online Fax Scorecard

Primary Features Overview

Due to the nature of the fax service, you will not see tons of features with any of these services. However, MyFax receives a good primary features score.

  • Fax Number Options – You have several options when selecting a fax number. MyFax allows you to choose a local or toll-free fax number. Local and toll-free numbers are available for clients in United States and Canada. International fax numbers are available in over 48 countries.
  • Faxing Options – They allows you to send and receive faxes by email, fax machine, or by logging into your MyFaxCentral account. Email faxing allows you to send and receive faxes using up to 5 different email addresses.
  • Contact Management – All of your contacts are stored in your MyFaxCentral account and you can upload or download your contacts at any time.
  • Faxing History – All of your faxes (sent and received) are stored in your archives folder for the life of your account.
  • Auto Fax Retries – If your fax fails delivery, MyFax automatically attempts retrying it until it is delivered.
  • Delivery Confirmation – You are sent an email confirmation each time a fax is successfully delivered.
  • Control Junk Spam – Easily identify junk faxes based on your criteria and report all junk faxes.
  • File Formats – MyFax is integrated with over 178 file formats including PDF, Microsoft Excel, Word, and many more.
  • Multiple Recipients – Send the same fax to 50 faxes at the same time.
  • Fax Reporting – Real-time reporting of your faxes is available.
  • Privacy and Security – All faxes that you sent and receive are safely stored and kept confidential.
  • And best of all, their service requires no downloading software.

MyFax Overview

Plans and Pricing

Kicking your fax machine to the curb will save you hundreds of dollars. MyFax allows you to test their service by signing up for their 30 day free trail. There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel your subscription at any time. You are charged ten cents for every page that you go over your monthly page limit.

  1. The $10 per month plan (or $9.17 for annual prepayments) entitles you to send 100 pages and receive 200 pages every month.
  2. The $20 per month plan entitles you to send 200 pages and receive 200 pages every month.
  3. The $40 per month plan entitles you to send 400 pages and receive 400 pages every month.
  4. Custom plans are available for larger needs.
MyFax Review - Pricing Options

MyFax Review – Pricing Options

Extra Costs

There are no set up or hidden fees associated with MyFax. The only fees that exist are for going over your monthly page limit. You are charged a flat rate of 10 cents per every page you go over. Picking a big enough plan can keep you under your limit and avoid page overage fees.

Ease of Use

Practically anyone can use the MyFax faxing service. It’s too easy to send and receive online faxes by email or through your account dashboard.

Help and Support

MyFax help and support is available 24/7 via phone and email, along with live chat during business hours. They have a bunch of guides, FAQS, and webinars in their knowledge base. Lastly, you can see what their clients are saying about them by visiting their success stories.


  • MyFax faxing plans start at a low rate of $10 per month for sending 100 and receiving 200 pages.
  • Choose from a local, toll-free, or international fax number.
  • Receive fax alerts whenever you send or receive a fax.


  • Extra costs are ten cents for every page that you go over your monthly limit. Other fax services usually charge between 3 to 7 cents.

MyFax Review: Summary

MyFax and other online faxing services have made faxing simple, affordable, and extremely convenient. The ability to fax without the need of a fax machine will save us hundreds of dollars per year. MyFax is compatible with mobile devices, so there is no need to sit in your office and wait for that fax to arrive.

Their plans start at $10 per month and give you the ability to send and receive a total of 300 pages per month (send 100, receive 200).

If you are looking for an affordable method of sending and receive faxes online, dump your fax machine and start your free trail with MyFax.

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