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Campaigner Review Overview

Campaigner is one of the most versatile email marketing services available on the market in 2013. With tons of quality features and low monthly pricing, Campaigner will give you the most bang for your buck. Truth is, there are several good email marketing services available today, but most of them are either too expensive or lack some quality features.

Free email marketing services are good but limit your features and give you lower marketing exposure and results. If you are truly looking for the best and most effective email marketing service, continue reading and you will see why Campaigner is ranked near the top when it comes to email marketing.

Campaigner Email Marketing Review Scorecard

Campaigner Email Marketing Review Scorecard

Primary Features

Email marketing features are vital when it comes to promoting your website or blog. Not only does Campaigner have all the basic features, there are extended add-on features that make this service the best in the industry.

Here is what you can expect with every plan:

      • Grow your contact list by adding your existing contacts from Gmail and other email and contact management services. Create one combined contact list using three different file formats, .xls, .csv or .txt
      • Add custom HTML sign-up forms directly to your website or blog. There is no coding required and all sign-up forms are easy-to-use and user-friendly
      • Easily integrate with Facebook to target and reach more subscribers. When you integrate with Facebook, your existing subscribers are able to share your story with their Facebook friends
      • Add contacts from any location using a table or mobile device
      • Improve your email relevance and results using their segmentation tools by creating smaller subscribers groups. This allows you to target your emails to target a specific customer group.
      • Create unlimited mailing lists
      • Create and send automated emails using the Autoresponders feature. You can set up automated emails such as welcome emails, birthday greetings, follow-up emails, and much more
      • Subscribers can easily update their subscription preferences using the custom management forms
      • Template gallery includes over 500 email templates
      • Personalize your emails in any way you like
      • Create professional looking templates using their easy-to-use smart email builder tool
      • You have the ability to create custom HTML templates
      • Protect your business email reputation by monitoring your campaign’s for any issues
      • Keep your business compliant with Anti-Spam Laws (97% of all emails send since 1999 were successfully delivered)
      • Email campaign statistics and reporting
      • Social sharing reports
      • A/B split testing allows you to track which email style works the best and has the most success
      • Set-up recurring campaigns
      • Create triggered message using their workflow tool
      • API and CRM integration with several third-party applications

Plans and Pricing

Campaigner has six plans available along with a custom volume priced plan for over 50,000 subscribers.

Each plan starts you off with a no risk 30-day free trail. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. Here are their plan options:

      • $10 per month entitles you up to 1,000 subscribers
      • $25 per month entitles you to to 2,500 subscribers
      • $40 per month entitles you to to 5,000 subscribers
      • $55 per month entitles you to to 10,000 subscribers
      • $120 per month entitles you to to 25,000 subscribers
      • $200 per month entitles you to to 50,000 subscribers
      • Volume pricing for over 50,000 subscribers

Regardless of the size of your subscriber list, Campaigner has the right plan for your website or blog.

Email Templates

Campaigner gives you a big selection of free templates that you can use for your email campaigns. They give you over 600 email templates that can easily be customized to match your site. During holidays, Campaigner always throws in some new templates.

Third Party Integration

Campaigner integrates with some of the popular third party applications including SalesForce, Google, and others.

Ease of Use

With a huge selection of templates that require no editing, Campaigner is extremely easy to use. Sending and creating campaigns has never been so simple. Even HTML experienced designers will have the chance to showcase their skills and build their own custom templates.

Help and Support

Their customer service and delivery rates are the best of the best - imreportcard.comCustomer support is available 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat. In the rare event that you need to contact them, I strongly advise to take a look at their knowledge base as one of their guides will most likely answer your question. Overall, the help and support team is very knowledgeable and customer-oriented. At the end of the day, about 99% of their customers are satisfied with their service.

Pros and Cons

Low and competitive pricing
Over 500 templates
24/7 customer support
Top of the line features
Get pricey for over 50,000 subscribers

Conclusion – Is It Right For Your Blog or Website?

The price and quality features make Campaigner email marketing service right for any type of website or blog. If I am paying for a service, I want to get the best service for the lowest price possible. With Campaigner, this all is possible and that is why we rate them as the number one email marketing service.

What are you waiting for? Start your no risk 30-day free trail today.

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