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Are you looking for a way to accept credit cards online with the top payment gateway that can integrate with just about every eCommerce shopping cart? Are you finally sick and tired of all the PayPal fees? Most of us are looking for a better alternative and we have found it for you. Our Authorize.Net review will give you an idea if their payment gateway is good for you.

Low fees and features make Authorize.Net one of the top payment gateways available in 2013. Truth is, adding a credit card gateway to your store will definitely increase your sales. With Authorize.Net, you will never have your account limited and your funds locked for months – can you say the same about PayPal?

What are the Fees Associated with Authorize.Net?

Authorize.Net Review – Fees Breakdown

Authorize.Net Fees Overview

The fees associated with Authorize.Net are very low and affordable when compared to other payment gateways. Authorize.Net charges a flat monthly fee of $17.95; which is very reasonable for a credit card gateway. They also charge 10 cents for every transaction you process through them. For example, if you process 100 credit card transactions using their gateway, you will pay a fee of $10. There is also a 25 cent batch processing fee. The batch fee is deducted each time you receive your funds in your bank account. If you follow our links, you will be able to save on the one-time fee for the payment gateway setup.

Primary Features Overview

Authorize.Net – Included Features

Included Authorize.Net Features

Payment gateways are supposed to have basic features but not much due to the nature of the business it falls under. Authorize.Net has been in business for over 15 years and has an outstanding reputation in the payment gateway industry. Their payment gateway can accept a variety of credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Electronic checks (e-Checks) are also integrated within the gateway. Fraud prevention tools, site seals, and outstanding customer support are all included with this gateway. Your customers can shop with ease, knowing that Authorize.Net is PCI-DSS compliant.


Low monthly fees, gateway features, and customer support make Authorize.Net one of the best payment gateways in 2013. Why do you think over 99% of shopping carts are compatible with Authorize.Net? The answer is simple, Authorize.Net is the most trusted credit card processor in the world. When looking for a simple way to start accepting credit cards on your website, many of us turn to Authorize.Net.

What more do you need? Check them out today and start accepting payments tomorrow. Simple as that!

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