3dcart vs Shopify

Since you are here, you probably want to know which shopping cart is best for your eCommerce store. These two carts are very closely match, but only one can be declared the winner in this review. The one thing that drives businesses away from Shopify is the transaction fees. 3dcart does not offer unlimited bandwidth, so you will most likely pay a fee if you go over your monthly limits.

Our better shopping cart award goes to Shopify. Continue reading our 3dCart vs Shopify review to see which shopping cart software is more suited for your online store.

Winner: Shopify – Plans start as low as $14 per month. There are no bandwidth overage fees as you are entitles to unlimited bandwidth with every plan. Integrated blog contributes to better SEO rankings for your store. Easier and faster setup with a bunch of free and professional templates. The drawback of using Shopify is the existence of the pesky transaction fees (can be waived with the more expensive plans)

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Runner-Up: 3dcart – Plans start from $19.99 per month for up to 100 products. You are entitled up to 2 GB of bandwidth. Their lowest plan is meant for low traffic, if you are expecting higher traffic, there are other plans with higher bandwidth. To make 3dcart even more affordable, they give you a 15% discount on all annual prepayments. The only drawback of using 3dcart are bandwidth fees, if you go over your monthly limit associated with the plan you go with. 

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Feature Comparison

Free Trail:
Transaction Fees:
Unlimited Bandwidth:
Design Editor:
HTML and CSS Access:
Coupons & Promotions:
Social Sharing:
Product Reviews:
Third-Party Apps:
Payment Gateways:


14 days
$14 to $179
0 to 2%
Theme settings editor


15 days
$19.99 to $129.99

Price [Winner: Both]

Both, 3dcart and Shopify have a wide range of affordable monthly plans. As mentioned, Shopify monthly plans start at $14 per month, while 3dcart plan start at $19.99. However, transaction fees are associated with Shopify and 3dcart has bandwidth overage fees. Basically, you will pay a bit more than what is actually advertised due to these extra fees. Nonetheless, both of these shopping carts will be worth every penny you pay.

Help and Support [Winner: Shopify]

Both shopping carts have a trainer and supportive team available 24/7. However, Shopify customer support edges out 3dcart due to the fact that they have more knowledge in the industry. I love the fact that 3dcart has an average wait time of about 5 minutes – that’s supper fast.

Pros and Cons

While each shopping cart has many benefits, there are always drawbacks too. We picked out some pros and cons from both and shared them below:

  • Shopify plans start as low as $14 per month and give you unlimited bandwidth, integrated blog, free Stripe payment gateway, and several professional templates. However, the drawback about using Shopify are their transaction fees. Although, these transaction fees can be lowered and even waived if you go with their more expensive plans.
  • 3dCart plans start at a decent price of $19.99 per month and give you an integrated blog, 5 minute average customer support wait time, and no transaction fees. However, all 3dCart plans have some sort of bandwidth limits and there are overage fees if you go over your monthly bandwidth limits.


In terms of starting up and designing your store, you can not take anything away from either of the two carts. Shopify is known for its quick and easy start-up, while 3dcart has the easy and popular drag-n-drop design editor.

While we recommend Shopify, we believe that 3dcart is a very good alternative. Both are incredible and get the job done in 2013. Your success starts the moment you start building your store with one of these amazing shopping carts.


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